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APOST 2nd Head & Neck Dissection Course, Thailand

9-11 SEP 2019

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Dr. I Putu Yupindra Pradiptha (Indonesia)
I would like to thank APOST for the opportunity given to attend this workshop. The workshop was well organized. Thank you so much for a great learning experience. It was useful and an applicable course for young ENT doctor such as myself. The tutor was helpful throughout the course, and the material given was useful for clinical practice. Furthermore, the accommodation and facilities that I received during this course was great. I really hope that I will have more opportunities to take part in other workshops. I had opportunity to meet and learn from faculty from the others region. I would recommend this course to all ENT trainees.

Dr. Chea Pov Tech (Cambodia)
APOST has given me a window opportunity as a fellow ENT surgeon like other across Asian region to discover on new advance technology such as NBI (Narrow Band imaging) for early detecting cancer in Larygo pharynx sphere as well as early endoscopic excision on early stage cancer from experienced Japanese surgeons. During this time, I've widened new horizon, discovered new surgical techniques and gone out of my comfort zone to learn further on my sub specialty in Laryngology and HNS on real Cadaver. Additionally, the Robotic surgery on Angiom fibroma is definitely the coming required skill. Therefore, I'd love to recommend this valuable platform to other as it's worth to be a participant in this diverse and interactive short dissection course. Honestly, It's eye opening for new world in ENT medicine. Thanks for your kind consideration and organizing this amazing event.

Dr. Tran Ngoc Tuong Linh (Vietnam)
This dissection course was very insightful. There was a diversity of topics that provided participants with the fundamental knowledge needed for head and neck surgery. Everyone on the teaching staff is so knowledgeable and approachable and it created such a comfortable learning environment. Moreover, the course offered valuable hands-on experience and made me more confident in neck dissection thanks to Dr Jason Chan & teaching faculties’ detailed instructions. I am thankful for having the opportunity to attend this APOST program and would enthusiastically recommend this course to anyone who is working in head and neck surgery.

Dr. Indumathi Ainer (Malaysia)
Excitement was the only word that can be uttered after getting an email of acceptance from Bonnie. Every single arrangement which was done from start to end was simply flawless. From the authentic thai cuisine, five- star accomodation , course topics, dissection and etc. During the demo session, each surgery was performed meticulously and prioritizing anatomy teaching and specific structures that need to be identified. I was practically blown away with the knowledge shared by the distinguished surgeons from various countries. Dr Raymond Tsang , definitely a crowd favorite. He made everything look as easy as ABC. I'm very honoured and grateful for being the chosen one from Malaysia to attend this course. I'm certainly looking forward to the upcoming FESS course to dive into another journey of roller coaster full with knowledge and experience. Thank you APOST !

Dr. Nikie Sun (Hong Kong)
The APOST Head and Neck Dissection Course in Bangkok was very well organised. The course started off with lectures on narrow band imaging and its application in the field of otorhinolaryngology. It was very informative and served as a good introduction for clinical application of narrow band imaging technology. The subsequent two days dissection course covered most of the surgical procedures in head and neck surgery, of which, I find maxillectomy and mandibulectomy dissection most useful. The demonstration and dissection process cleared a lot of my confusion regarding these surgical procedures. I would highly recommend my colleagues to participate in future APOST head and neck course.

Dr. VIcky Yin (Taiwan)
I’m very thankful for having the chance to join the APOST-Chula 2nd Head & Neck Dissection Course. The first day was about narrow band image. From the comprehensive lectures, I learned more details about NBI, from basic to clinical application. The pre-course test and post-course test provided us a tool to know how much we gained from the lectures. The subsequent two days was hands-on cadaveric dissection course. Not only the surgical instruments were very well equipped, the professors from various countries were also very willing to help. I learned most from maxillectomy and mandibullectomy. It was my first time to use a saw. The accommodation, transportation and food were also very well organized. Joined the APOST course was indeed a great experience I will never forget.

Dr. Aung Swe Zin (Myanmar)
I've attended the APOST-Chula 2nd Head and Neck Dissection Course held on 9 to 11 September in Bangkok. As I am a general ENT surgeon, I am not very well in Head and Neck dissection.Although I've done a lot of thyroid operations, I don,t have much experience in other Head and Neck surgeries like parotid, laryngectomy , Neck dissection and open maxillary and mandible operations. I've learnt a lot of recent advances in NBI and surgical skills acquired and active participation in the workshop.The number of tutor was appropriate and the quality of dissection specimen was good to perform the procedure. I've also got good support from tutors especially Dr Eddy Wong and clinical specialist too. The overall impression of the training met beyond my expectations. After returning to my country, I feel more confident in my Head and Neck surgery. I would recommend that course to my colleagues.Finally, I really satisfied with this course and thanks a lot to all APOST team. At last but not the least special thanks to my cadaver and wish she may rest in Peace.

Dr. Heng Sambo (Cambodia)
First, I would like to say thank you to directors of APOST and all surgeons from different countries for giving me a chance to join the ENT and H.N dissection in Chulalongkorn hospital. After participating in this workshop, I feel like eyes opening to the world by new skills, new technologies and instruments such as NBI which can detect the cancer insitue in out patients clinic and we can help people in early stage. Another part is that all the staff and professors are kind to the participants for trying to explain clearly about lectures and cadaver hands-on. After that I’ll recommend this course to my friends and juniors about APOST. Finally, I would like to say thank you again about the APOST course and I wanna join the new courses again for Head and Neck dissection and ear surgery cadavers in Thailand.


Dr. Wang Chi (Taiwan)
For a trainee of head and neck surgery, this course provided a good opportunity to perform some complicated and difficult operation which I was not allowed to do in daily practice. The cadaver was well-preserved to perform some meticulous surgery like thyroidectomy and parotidectomy, and the trainer was nice to explain the procedure, including some tips of the surgery. The arrangement of the hand-on duration and lecture was appropriate. The time was sufficient to complete each operation. The prosectorium was also well-equipped, including saw to do maxillectomy and mandibullectomy. The location of the course was nice as well, at the intersection between MRT and BTS system of Bangkok, and the hotel was just nearby. It would be a good experience to participate this course.

Dr. Min Wah Wah (Myanmar)
First of all, I would like to thank the course directors and APOST team for giving me this great opportunity. I have got wonderful experience and great knowledge from this training course. NBI workshop was very fantastic and pre & post-workshop assessment showed that our clinical knowledge about NBI significantly improved. Lectures and demonstrations before hand-on dissection supported us not only in anatomical knowledge but also in surgical practice. Teaching faculties were very patient, energized and they taught us carefully in hands-on dissection one by one in detail whenever needed. They also guided us how to handle instruments, basic surgical steps & concepts and different surgical techniques. Sharing clinical and surgical knowledge between trainees from different countries and inspiring faculties were valuable and remarkable moments of this training event. Moreover, all the arrangement for transportation, accommodation and meal fulfill my satisfaction and make the training days perfect. So, i am very grateful to APOST and sure to come next times to attend upcoming courses.

Dr. Khambir Shrestha (Nepal)
APOST Chula 2nd head and neck dissection course held in Bangkok in Sep 2019 was very much fruitful to me. I was able to refine and revise my head and neck surgical anatomy skills. As an ENT surgeon, it has been a great help for me to broaden my knowledge. The program was very concise and informative with lectures and cadavaric demonstration. After the training it has helped a lot in my surgical skills especially the neck dissection. I would like to thank Dr. Jason Chan, Prof. Michael Tong, Dr. Raymond, Dr. Wong and all my mentors for providing such a great opportunity. Looking forward to meet with all the wonderful people in future.

Dr. Ariel Anugrahani (Indonesia)
I thank APOST for the learning opportunities given to me. At this time I, as a fellow head and neck oncology surgery, can again get a refresher of knowledge of the surgical techniques that vary from each instructor from various countries. The instructors are very competent and able to master every operation technique. I hope, I am given the opportunity to be able to JOIN AND LEARN at APOST again.

Dr. Bernadette Sunga (Philippines)
The APOST Head and Neck Course introduced me to new technologies and techniques in head and neck cancer surgeries. In particular, I was fascinated to learn about endoscopic laryngopharyngeal and transoral surgeries, which focuses on minimally invasive procedures. This, together with screening and early diagnosis of cancer yields to organ preservation and better functionality for patients. Through this training, skills-wise, I was able to learn the techniques of some of the best head and neck surgeons in the Asia Pacific. All of the mentors were very generous in imparting their wisdom and skills to the participants. As a resident, I was able to refine my steps in doing the procedures, working with a soft cadaver where the anatomy can be easily appreciated. The setting of the lab was also very conducive to learning; we were able to do the dissections as the consultants were demonstrating. All in all, these factors produced an amazing course. Thank you very much APOST for your generosity and for giving is the opportunity to learn from this workshop.

Dr. Reshma Hanwate (India)
I would like to thank all the team of APOST for giving me this opportunity to be a part of workshop. It was of great help for me to shape my career. I learnt so many new and different techniques of surgery, that we routinely do at our institute. It was a very good experience to learn from the faculties of different countries, they thought me the best techniques that they know. All faculties are very much friendly and they are the best at their field. The hospitality people provided was world class. I liked the stay, meal, instruments. One thing I would like to add that if they can provide Advanced courses training like in Robiotics and minimal invasive so that will be of great help. Once again I would like to thank all the faculties for giving me the opportunity.

Preliminary Course Program
Purpose of Training

This training course is on the recent updates in the development of Head & Neck surgery. It comprises didactic lectures, demonstrations of surgical procedures presenting practical technicality and hands-on cadaveric dissection supervised by leading professionals, providing an educational platform for participants to gain knowledge and skills from the course and to keep abreast of the advances in the field.

Target Audience

This dissection workshop targets junior ENT trainees who share an avid interest in the most recent advances of Head & Neck surgery.

Course Features

1. Lectures

2. Demonstrations

3. Supervised hands-on cadaveric dissection

4. Hands-on skill training on pig larynx


The application deadline is 30 June, 2019. Please send your CV to upon completing the online application form. Should you have any enquiries, feel free to contact APOST Secretariat at

Educational Scholarship

APOST Educational Scholarship will be awarded to participants with full attendance and completion of the whole workshop. 
The scholarship covers:
-  full course fee of USD1,500
-  three nights of accommodation (arranged by APOST)
-  travellnig allowance of USD100 at maximum

On accepting the scholarship, delegates are required to:
-  submit a testimonial of 150-200 words to APOST Secretariat within the given time frame
-  edit a demo video which will be assigned AFTER the course

*APOST reserves the final right to the interpretation of all terms and conditions applied