List of Training Course

Minimally Invasive Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Workshop, Hong Kong

09-11 JUN 2017

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Purpose of Training

With recent advances in endoscopic treatment of disorders of the sinuses, ear and H& N disease, it is imperative that otolaryngologists are up to date on the latest surgical techniques. The training course provides a training platform to FESS procedure. The first day of this course will focus on treatment of endoscopic surgery of Ear. The second day will highlight rhinologic topics, including surgery of the turbinate, frontal sinus and orbit. Training faculties will have hands-on cadaveric dissection supervised. The third day will be dedicated to cutting-edge technologies for Head & Neck Surgery on cadaveric dissection demonstration.

Course Features
  • Lectures & Hands-on cadaveric dissections
  • Live Cadaveric Demonstration
Target Audience

The intensive course is designed for otolaryngologist and rhinologists interested in the most recent advances in endoscopic sinus surgery, endoscopic ear surgery and H&N procedures.