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APOST Webinar on The Surgical Management of Snoring and Sleep Apnoea

11 SEP 2011

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Purpose of Training

This webinar provides a comprehensive introduction to the causes of, symptoms of and treatments to Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome (OSAS) which is an increasingly prevalent condition worldwide. It aims to familiarize participants with the surgical options available for treating sleep disorders and to enhance awareness of the adverse effects of sleep dysfunction on health.

Training Format

This event is comprised of 12 didactic lectures to be given by renowned international faculties. 

  • Surgery for OSA: Why and How? A High-level Overview of Sleep Surgery (Dr. Robson Capasso)

  • Physiological Phenotypes in OSAS (Prof. Danny Eckert)

  • Anatomical Phenotypes for Sleep Surgery (Dr. Tucker Woodson)

  • Pharyngoplasty Techniques (Prof. Edward Weaver)

  • Pediatric Sleep Surgery (Dr. Derek Lam)

  • The Role of Radiofrequency in the Management of Snoring and OSAS (Dr. Tor SongTar

  • Coblation Tongue Channeling for OSAS (Prof. Qingfeng Zhang)

  • Palatal Advancement (Dr. Richard Lewis)

  • Robotic Sleep Surgery (Dr. Julia Crawford)

  • Upper Airway Stimulation (Prof. Nico de Vries)

  • Cutting Edge Technologies for OSAS (Prof. Peter Eastwood)

  • Panel discussion (Moderated by Prof. Stuart MacKay)


The webinar is free of charge. Please make an application at the link below: