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APOST FESS Dissection Course, Hong Kong

2-3 MAR 2019

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Dr. Niken Ageng Rizki (Indonesia)
I really enjoyed the whole course, the lectures, the dissection and everything. I really love the panel discussion which answered everything i ever asked in my mind comprehensively. The tutors were lovely and answered all my questions and guided me step by step during the dissection procedure. This course has helped me improve my skills, knowledge, confidence thus helped me a lot to better for my patient as an ENT surgeon. It was really wide eye opening experience that every ENT surgeon must get. Surely i'd love to get another experience from APOST.

Dr. Raden Ayu Anatriera (Indonesia)
I would like to thank APOST for awarding me an educational scholarship to attend the APOST FESS dissection course which held on 2-3 March 2019 in Hong Kong. This training is very useful in improving my knowledge and skill for FESS. It's beyond my expectations. We can mingle and share more experiences with friends from other countries. Furthermore, we are also given satisfying facilities and accommodation during course. Finally, special thanks for the instructors who supervised patiently thus gave inspirational and eye opening guidance. I recommend my ENT colleagues to apply this course absolutely. And I'm hoping also to attend further apost training courses. Bravo and always success for APOST!

Dr. Thomas Ho (Hong Kong)
I am very honored to have joined the APOST FESS dissection course held in Hong Kong on 2-3 March 2019. The course had a wide coverage, including basic anatomy and surgical approach, as well as demonstration on cadaveric specimens. I like in particular the panel discussion where different experts shared different approaches to different diseases. We also had a lot of opportunities for dissection and the tutors gave us tremendous guidance and opinions. I felt that after the course, my confidence level in doing FESS surgery had improved a lot. The overall atmosphere of the course was also very welcoming, with delegates from different countries attending the course and sharing different experience in own country. All in all, the APOST FESS course is a very well organized course and I would like to thank APOST for organizing such a wonderful course.

Dr. Neelakshi Choudhury (India)
It gives me immense pleasure to write about my experience of the APOST workshop that I attended in Hong-Kong. At the outset I would like to thank the entire APOST team for coming up with such brilliant ideas of training young aspirants from developing nations like us. Otolaryngology being a branch full of newer inventions and additions has come a long way from its traditional approaches. So it is very important to be updated about the same but due to lack of adequate resources and facilities lot of aspirants stay outdated regarding the same. APOST is a very good medium which has helped in this regard as it encourages one to look beyond one's comfort zone and be at par with newer techniques by providing state of the art instruments and faculty teachings. I have been extremely fortunate to have received the educational scholarship for the 2019 FESS dissection course in Hong-Kong and I hope to serve my people with the knowledge and skill that I acquired there. Hereby wishing all my best wishes to APOST for nurturing such a noble cause and I would be glad to attend more such workshops in near future and I would also like to render my service to APOST if ever feasible.

Dr. Kartik Parelkar (India)
I was blessed with a scholarship to participate in the cadaver dissection FESS workshop conducted by APOST at HongKong, March 2019. According to me it was an excellent program, the lectures and surgical demonstrations by Professor Simon Carney and all the mentors were above expectations. Bonnie was very kind and helpful as a coordinator. The equipment provided was of very good quality, the cadavers were fresh and mucosa would bleed during dissection. This was once in a lifetime chance to rediscover basic sinus anatomy and upgrade my surgical skill as a young Otorhinolaryngologist. It was a joy to use the endo-nasal drill for frontal and sphenoid sinus dissection. In the city of Mumbai we cater a huge number of patients with sino-nasal pathologies and the finer points that I have learnt at this APOST workshop are going to benefit a lot of patients. Hope there are more of such learning opportunities in the future too.

Dr. Zuki Saputra (Indonesia)
In the modern time of globalization and international relations, APOST FESS Dissection Course provides an excellent avenue for the doctors to experience the medical system from different countries. I am very thankful for the scholarship the APOST FESS Dissection Course. It is the best experience i've ever had especially to learn cadaver dissection from great mentors, in a great learning centre, with great facilitations and equipments. It made me step out of my comfort zone to explore the world. I believe that all the lessons I have learned from the course will improve my skills and hopefully will make me a great surgeon just like all of the mentors and participants. I really enjoy practical workshops by internationally well known expert surgeons and ask directly the questions from them . I will forever be grateful for this opportunity to learn in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and also to explore the country with my fellow ENT residents and doctors. Here, I am witnessing inbound and outbound delegates gaining knowledge, having fun and harvesting lifetime friendship. I would like to suggest for a longer course period, and more hands on session. I would definitely apply for this course again! Everything was great. I can't thank APOST FESS Dissection Course enough for giving me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Dr. Bivek Aryal (Nepal)
APOST is an amazing organization that develops safe and simple surgical skills by providing training to the young surgeon around the Asia Pacific region. Scholarships from APOST gave me golden opportunity to participate in FESS Dissection Course in Hong Kong under the guidance of Pioneer Professors Simon and Kornkiat and direct supervisions from local faculties. Lectures and Hands On was very interactive that cleared my many confusions and difficulties which I face during the surgery. Nurses and Technical Staffs at lab were very quick and smart during the dissection. The knowledge and skills I learned from Uncinectomy to Draf III has amplified my surgical technique and guided to learn more advanced things in coming days. I strongly recommend for the ENT surgeons to participate in APOST courses which is one of the best ENT courses of the world.

Dr. Tun Aye Min (Myanmar)
I would like to thank APOST for awarding me an educational scholarship to attend the APOST FESS dissection course which held on 2-3 March 2019 in Hong Kong. In this training course, excellent lectures and step by step surgical dissection demonstrations by Professor Simon Carney and all the mentors is very useful in improving my basic knowledge and skills for functional endoscopic sinus surgery. We also had a lot of opportunities for hands on cadaver dissection. The most I like one is the panel discussion where all the mentors shared different approaches to different diseases. Furthermore, we are also given satisfying facilities and accommodation during this course. I strongly recommend for my ENT friends to participate in APOST courses which is one of the best ENT courses of the world. I'm hoping also to attend further APOST training courses.

Purpose of Training

The workshop aims to inculcate participants with knowledge of clinical and surgical anatomy of the sinuses, endoscopic treatment of nasal disorders and applications of state-of-the-art technologies in sinus surgery.

Course Features

- Didactic lectures
- Step by step dissection demonstrations
- Supervised cadaveric dissection
- Assistant nurses
- State-of-the-art equipment

Target Audience

The course provides a training platform for residents, fellows and otorhinolaryngologists who developed basic knowledge and experience with endoscopic sinus surgery to further consolidate their professional know-how and skills.


The application deadline is 20 January, 2019. Please submit your resume to upon completing the online application form. Enquiry:

Educational Scholarship

The APOST Educational Scholarship will be awarded to selected delegates with full attendance in the course. 

After the training workshop, all scholarship awardees are required to:
- provide their feedback (100-150 words) on the workshop to APOST Secretariat
- edit a demo video on one of the procedures covered in the course

Should a delegate fail to complete the course with full attendance or comply with the obligations above, APOST reserves to recover the course fee and accommodation expenses so settled in full.