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APOST-Yonsei Endoscopic Ear & Anterior Skull Base Surgery Workshop, South Korea

18-20 JAN 2019

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Dr. Asiya Zaidi (India)
I would like to thank each and every one at APOST for giving me this wonderful opportunity to be a part of such a good workshop. It not only cleared my concepts but also helped me develop my new found interest in SKULL BASE surgery. I had such a brilliant opportunity to interact with great minds in the field of otolaryngology. This has been possible only because of APOST. The lectures, arrangements and the cadaveric dissection everything was outstanding. The faculty was very supportive.Miss Bonnie especially was very responsible and managed things brilliantly. I would like to congratulate the entire APOST team. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Forever indebted and looking out for more such great opportunities ahead.

Dr. Pham Huu Tien (Vietnam)
This is my first time visiting and joining in an APOST course. I highly recommend this hand-on training workshop because of well-equipment procedure lab, wonderful professor and friendly local staffs. We are very warmly welcomed by Dr In Seok Moon and Dr Michael Tong on first day at Severance Hospital. Then there was a series of presentations by experienced speakers (included local & international surgeons) in the three following days. They presented very new helpful aspects and techniques in Endoscopic ear & Skull base surgery and related issues also. Most of time in afternoon, we did dissection procedures with a very good quality of cadaver. Local staffs took care of us very well whenever we need help. I had a chance to first use some new instruments and practice some procedures that i never had done before such as: ballon dilation, cochlear implant, .... What i learned here will help me a lot to modify my techniques when i do my job in Vietnam. Special thanks to Dr In Seok Moon, Pro Michael Tong & Ms Bonnie. I will definitely apply for a fellowship course in Severance Hospital and also join in another course with APOST in the near future. Once again, Thank you very much!

Dr. Dina Hashim (Malaysia)
To get an opportunity to join APOST -Yonsei EES and Anterior Skullbase Workshop was a blessing. It was a well organised workshop from start till end. Having a focus small group session where everyone has the chance to learn and practice on the super-fresh cadaver adds extra point to the workshop. Organisers/ committee members were amazingly helpful and communicative. The idea of combining EES with anterior skull base dissection was OK but I guess it was a bit rush on the third day to complete everything. However, as someone with limited experience, the workshop allows me to acquire basic skills especially on EES with step-by-step guidance. Venue was great, Yonsei - Severance Hospital definitely has well-equipped facilities. Overall, it was a great effort by APOST and I would like to offer my gratitude on the opportunity given. Thank you.

Dr. Rajeev Kumar Shah (Nepal)
I am very pleased to have had this wonderful opportunity to participate and being offered a scholarship in the APOST-Yonsei EES and Anterior Skullbase Workshop held in Seoul, Korea. Under the guidance of respectable Prof. Michael CF Tong and Prof. Inseok Moon, I had the privilege of having an amazing hands-on training on a different modality of endoscopic surgery that I have put into practice. The training course was very inspirational, motivational with excellent teaching faculties, fresh cadavers and lot of live surgeries with lectures in between. This has certainly benefited the health service offered in my country, Nepal. I would definitely recommend this workshop for the doctors who are interested in a facilitated mentorship and a vast acquaintance of knowledge and skills. Thank you, APOST and The Severance Hospital, who have been a constant support throughout and I shall look forward for similar interactions and guidance in future.

Dr. Tran Quang Phuc (Vietnam)
I am very much interested in Endoscope Skullbase Surgery ( ESS ). ESS will be a revolution in Skullbase Surgery. It is really new in Neurology. And Endoscopes are extremely useful in Skullbase tumour surgery. I have a chance to improve my skill in ESS from your scholarship. So I was so pleased to attend the third Endoscope Skullbase Surgery course in Yonsei Univ, Seoul. It was really a wonderful course with cadaver in good condition, good instruments and especially I have a chance to try a new drill device from Italian company, a 4k Endoscope Camera from Olympus and especially the exoscope. It is actually new in technology. I have learnt a lot from this course. By the way I have performed many cases in my hospital. I think Endoscope is useful in specially for ear malformation and Optic or Facial Nerve Decompression. It is awesome to learn Transcanal Acoustic Neuroma from Prof. In Seok Moon and it is really new in Neurotology. I hope in the future I will have chance to attend an lateral skull base dissection temporalbone from APOST with both endoscope and microscope. I have attended some EES courses in South East Asia and in my opinion, the Yonsei course is really the best one I have attended. Thanks all for supporting me during the course.

Purpose of Training

This workshop provides a training platform for otolaryngologists to keep abreast of the recent surgical techniques in endoscopic treatment of rhinologic and otologic disorders. The first day of this course will highlight basic endoscopic ear surgery, the second day on advanced endoscopic ear surgery and on treatment of Eustachian tube dysfunction. On the last day, basic FESS and anterior endoscopic skullbase surgery will be addressed. Candidates will have hands-on cadaveric dissection supervised.

Course Features

- Lecture-cases discussion

- Step by step dissection demonstrations

- Fixed softened cadaveric specimens 

- Two participants per station

- Assistant nurses

- State-of-the-art equipment

Target Audience

The intensive course is designed for otolaryngologists interested in the most recent advances in endoscopic sinus and ear surgery.

Course Programme

The preliminary course programme can be downloaded below:
APOST-Yonsei Endoscopic Ear & Anterior Skull Base Surgery Workshop


The application deadline is 16 November, 2018. Please submit your resume to upon completing the online application form. Enquiry:

Educational Scholarship

The APOST Educational Scholarship is now open for application.
After the training workshop, scholarship awardees are required to:
1. provide their feedback (100-150 words) on the workshop to APOST Secretariat within 14 days upon completion of the training event
2. edit a demo video on one of the procedures covered in the course
The course director will review all applications to decide if a full or partial scholarship is to be awarded to the applicants. As places are limited, priority will be given to candidates from underdeveloped countries. APOST reserves the final right to the interpretation of all terms and conditions applied.
To apply for the scholarship, please download the form below and return it to by 20 November, 2018.