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APOST FESS & Rhinoplasty Dissection Course, Thailand

16-18 DEC 2018

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Dr. Pawit Pichitsurakij (Thailand)
First of all, I want to thank Professor Michael Tong and the Board of APOST very much for giving me the opportunity to attend APOST FESS & rhinoplasty workshop during 16-18 December 2018 in Bangkok. I appreciate the kind heart of every faculty and devoted staff in this training course, especially Professor Richard Harvey, who impressed me with his excellent and well-prepared lectures with fantastic animated PowerPoint materials and step-by-step demonstrations including his heart of being great medical teacher. This training course has increased my confidence in performing more difficult steps of FESS and rhinoplasty such as endoscopic frontal sinus surgery and open rhinoplasty. The venues, accommodations and equipment for training are also excellent. I thank very much for Olympus and Chula soft cadaver training center who support this training. I also have a chance to know friendly foreign otolaryngologist friends which may help each other in the future. I hope I'll have opportunities to attend courses of APOST again in the future.

Dr. Aphitsaya Pisittrakoonporn (Thailand)
I attended the APOST FESS and Rhinoplasty Dissection Course that held on the 16th-18th December 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. This excellent training course was very useful and informative for me, that help to refine my surgery and improve my skills in sinus surgery and rhinoplasty. The first day of training was the lectures. All the speakers were very experience and always patiently answered plenty of the questions. The second and third day were a real hand on surgery under supervision of experience ENT specialists. I found a great opportunity to do step by step through the procedure and get many techniques from the experts. The guidances were excellent in all aspects. I am very thankful for a good experience from APOST and I would definitely recommend this APOST FESS and Rhinoplasty Dissection Course to all ENT surgeons, it would be extremely helpful. I hope I'll have an opportunity to attend the other courses from APOST again.

Dr. Vitoon Kiatubolpaiboon (Thailand)
After participating in this workshop, it gives me the clear view of anatomy(esp. frontal sinus) and operative techniques in difficult sinus surgery such as frontal recess sinus surgery(Draft III) and pterygopalatine fossa approach.This type of sinus surgery is not common in my practice and training so this workshop gives me useful experience to perform this type of surgery in future. And this workshop also gives me many tricks to improve common sinus operations such as maxillary antrostomy, posterior ethmoidectomy and sphenoidotomy. Speakers give a clear explanation and well demonstrations so I can understand easily. About Rhinoplasty part, Speakers give useful basic& advance knowledge to do this surgery with confidence. I do recommend novice surgeons to attend this cadaveric workshop before doing the rhinoplasty or septoplasty by themselves because it gives real useful experience to operate with less complications. Importantly, I feel thankful to all staffs and member of APOST that make this workshop and give me such great opportunity to join. I really appreciate every speaker's hard-work and devotion.

Dr. Bui Thi Kieu Chinh (Vietnam)
Firstly, I would like to thank Asia Pacific Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical Training Group for providing me the scholarship to attend “APOST FESS & Rhinoplasty Dissection Course, 16-18 December, Bangkok, Thailand ”. APOST team was so helpful and kind. Because of your great work, I had the opportunity to meet world-renowed Rhinologist who gave me enthusiasm and courage towards my Rhinology work. In these three days, the most impressive part of the course is all lecturers and the staff involved in the organization were extremely helpful and pleasant. The faculty talked and explained clearly every single stage of surgery both in lectures and dissection. I found many wonderful tips for my FESS practice with their guidance. In addition, the participants were provided excellent endoscopic kit with good cadaver and excellent technical support from Olympus. There was a small problem with my cadaver (FESS-done) but the staff changed another one quickly, still regrettable that the cadaver had not rhinologic CT-scan. Besides, after this great course, I have many best friends who also love Rhinology like me. We ate, laughed and learnt together. It was so happy and warmly to experience that special friendship. In summary, the fantastic training has enriched my basic and advanced techniques in easy way and enlighten my knowledge in FESS. Many thanks for such a unique opportunity to improve myself and made it possible for me to visit Chulalongkorn University. I hope that APOST can spread the missions widely in the future.

Dr. Minh Hoang (Vietnam)
Firstly, this is without a doubt my best training course so far. Throughout these 3 days I had a chance to listen a variety of topics related to FESS and Rhinoplasty from basic to advanced level. I feel satisfied with Endonasal Frontal Sinus Drainage Type I–III According to Draf which I don't have chances to perform in our operating theater. Following the course instructors step by step, I could manage the technique and will sharpen it in the future. Besides FESS this is also the first time I have experienced Rhinoplasty, using septum cartilages to reconstruct most parts of the nose for comestic reasons. Last but not least, I am grateful to APOST staffs who spent plenty of time on training us in three days which is not a long amount of time but let us learn and know many ENT knowledge and skills. I shall introduce this course to my colleagues and whoever desires to broaden the mind and awareness in ENT and Head and Neck Surgery field.

Dr. Thandar Swe (Myanmar)
Thank you so much the APOST group. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this course. First day lectures were supportive and more informative for our daily practice and patient care. Second day cadaver dissection was more interesting. Firstly my cadaver had already been done except inferior turbinate. But Prof. Kornkiat helped us to change another cadaver and the changing process was not too long. During dissection, we learned and practiced sphenoethmoidectomy, frontal sinus dissection, SPA ligation and septoplasty, turbinoplasty. We needed this learning curve and training. After this course, I felt more confident to continue. Third day rhinoplasty course was also interesting. We learned a lot starting from instruments, principles from rhinoplasty and finally septal reconstruction, tip support and osteotomies. Previously, rhinoplasty is the topic for theory only for me and after this course, we could see the dissection procedure and start dissection. Many thanks to all of you and I will recommend this course for my colleagues.

Dr. Wong Hui Tong (Malaysia)
I am grateful to be given the opportunity to attend the APOST FESS and Rhinoplasty course in Bangkok December 2018. The course was good as it has surgical-related lectures given by an esteemed rhinology faculty and at the same time ample opportunity for cadaveric hands-on dissection. The rhinoplasty exposure is great as not many FESS course combine with rhinoplasty. The surgical steps were well demonstrated and great tips were shared by the faculty. The instrument and camera system provided during the course were in good conditions and it helps me in learning as if operating real-time in the threatre. Overall, the course was well organized and it helped fine-tuning my surgical technique.

Dr. Ronald Lai (Hong Kong)
It was my privilege to have attended the well-organised APOST FESS & Rhinoplasty dissection course. APOST provided me with an excellent platform to acquire skills from the masters in rhinology and facial plastics from the Asia-Pacific region. Furthermore, the well-equipped facilities and technical support from the Chulalongkorn University and the Olympus Group also contributed to such great learning experience. Throughout the 3-day course, I had widened my horizon not only in the external and internal nasal anatomy, but also built up more confidence in performing the related surgeries. The lectures and live demonstrations were well delivered and easily understood. Supervision was also adequately given during the dissection. The level of difficulty was optimal for higher trainees and I would highly recommend it to other ENT trainees from Hong Kong. I am looking forward to the opportunities in attending other courses organised by the APOST in the future!

Dr. Jason Law (Hong Kong)
The APOST FESS & Rhinoplasty Dissection Course held in Bangkok was a great success. Both the FESS and Rhinoplasty components were phenomenal. The course covered from basic anatomy and surgical approach, which were essential for beginners, to advanced surgical techniques. The panel discussion was particularly intriguing when experts from Asia Pacific were bombarded by challenging and practical questions. There was vast opportunity for dissection and the tutors were extremely helpful in guiding and providing valuable opinion. My knowledge and confidence in FESS and Rhinoplasty have definitely improved after attending the course. The course was well-organized and the atmosphere was welcoming. Every part including transportation, accommodation and food was attended to details. It also provided a platform for doctors from different countries to share and exchange their experience. I would like to thank APOST for organizing such a fruitful and enjoyable course.

Dr. Aye Aye Lunn (Myanmar)
I have attended APOST FESS and Rhinoplasty soft cadaver dissection workshop held on 16th to 18th December, 2018 in Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. I'd like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the organizing committe for choosing me as a participant. I was very much delighted to attend the APOST workshop because I'd met new ENT friends from different countries. I got much confidence on knowledge and skills on FESS and Rhinoplasty by learning from APOST Faculty who were eager to share their knowledge. The tutors also could be able to teach us systematically and patiently. Not only the accomodation but also the refreshment supported were very convenient for us.The arrangement of the organizing committe was excellent. So I'll recommend my ENT colleagues to apply APOST training courses. I also do hope to join more APOST courses in near future.

Dr. Thi Ri (Myanmar)
First of all, special heart-felt thanks to APOST ( Asia Pacific Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical Training) for giving a great chance to all of us ( Junior Otorhinolaryngologists) for FESS and Rhinoplasty dissection course held on the 16th - 18th December 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. This course fully consisted of precised lectures such as ( Preparation for FESS, Basic & advanced FESS course, Structure principle in Rhinoplasty, etc), fantastatic cadaveric live demonstrations and supervised hands-on dissection on frozen cadavers. These all are very precious for all of us who would like to broaden the scope of practice in the medical and surgical treatment of nasal disorders. This three-day intensive cadaver dissection course provided a comprehensive overview of the surgical anatomy and the beautiful techniques for basic & advanced sinus surgery and rhinoplasty. Experienced sinus surgeons and rhinologists demonstrated procedures with step by step precised instructions and gave guidance to all participants. Last but not the least, I would like to express my sincere and profound gratitude to all teaching faculties, Professor Richard Harvey, Professor Simon Carney, Professor Michael Tong, Dr Jason Chan, Dr Ryan Cho, Dr Thomas Fung, Dr Tai Chih-Feng, Dr Navamon Plasen and Dr Jumroon Tungkeeratichai for their enlightened teaching and generous guidance to the training course. Finally, I owed a special thanks to all our course directors and APOST team for their kind encouragement and dedicated support during the training course.

Dr. Bijiya Kharel (Nepal)
I am extremely grateful to APOST for providing me this wonderful opportunity to widen my knowledge and skill in FESS and Rhinoplasty workshop. The course was fantastic with excellent learning opportunity and high quality lectures with marvellous cadaveric dissection. Learning the tips and tricks from the legends of Endoscopic surgery is like a dream come true. The lectures of surgical techniques of sphenoethmoidectomy and coblation by Prof. Simon Carney was comprehensive. Similarly, didactic lectures by Prof Richard Harvey focusing the techniques of Medial Maxillectomy, Prelacrimal approach and Lateral Exposure made the complex surgical anatomy simple. The best part of the workshop was Hands-on cadaveric dissection with excellent demonstration. Cadaver provided was fresh, excellent and perfect for learning. The Soft cadaveric dissection lab at the Chulalongkorn University was sophisticated with adequate equipment, excellent audio-visual system, competent assisting staffs at every station. I appreciate the efforts of entire teaching faculty during cadaveric dissection with guidance in each steps . All guides were very friendly and encouraging, who explained every doubts clearly without any hesitation. I had enough time to do all dissection properly which added to my clinical knowledge on Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Rhinoplasty. I learnt The Draf Procedures, Prelacrimal approach, sphenopalatine artery ligation, pterygopalatine fossa exposure and the various rhinoplasty tips and the inferior turbinate reduction using coblation. I am using coblation in ITR reduction with ease and good result. Thank you very much for great hospitality and accommodation as well as travel arrangements. Being a young surgeon from a developing country, it’s very difficult to manage financially to participate in an international conference. So, getting this scholarship was a great learning experience for me. Furthermore, I got to interact with other young collegues/surgeons from different parts of world (Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, HongKong). My experience was great and I am looking forward to another opportunity from APOST soon.

Dr. Htoo Htoo Hmone Hmone (Myanmar)
I'm so glad to have a chance to participate in the APOST FESS and Rhinoplasty dissection workshop which was held on 16th to 18th December 2018 in Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand. The APOST training course is a comprehensive and effective course . I learned much knowledge and good experience from this workshop as all the instructors and faculties were expert and patiently to share their knowledge. Also the arrangement of the course was perfect that helped create a comfortable and supportive environment for learning. In conclusion, I can enhance and improve my surgical skill on real life surgery. Deeply thanks to all the members of APOST Committee for letting me to involve as a participant. I will strongly recommend to my colleagues to attend the APOST workshop. I hope also to have more chance to join further training courses.

Dr. Mark Paul (Malaysia)
Attending the APOST course have provided me with a very valuable, significant and unique experience! I have learnt about so much from the international faculty members. It is interesting to learn about the variations of procedures done in another country. Getting to know and interact with fellow ENT colleagues from various parts of the world all in 1 spot is really beneficial in the aspect of me making new friends and also to get to know the medical practices in their countries. The ratio of instructors to student during the course is very good as i never had a blank moment because they are always there to guide and explain. Equipments and instruments provided are very good as well. As a whole, it is an awesome experience! Thank you APOST.

Dr. Chalisara Subongkot (Thailand)
The APOST FESS & Rhinoplasty Dissection Course was excellent. I learned a lot while I was attending this course. The content in this course included not only knowledge about endoscopic sinus surgery but also rhinoplasty. The sessions were about basic anatomy, surgical knowledge and cadaveric hands-on dissection. The lectures were interesting, informative and updated. About hands-on dissection, even though it was a virtual situation, it seemed like real situation to me. Quality of cadavers and dissection equipments were good. The instructors in dissection were knowledgeable and very active to answer my questions. Attending this course helps me to improve my surgical skill about endoscopic sinus surgery. I learned a lot about rhinoplasty and many techniques about septal reconstruction. Moreover, in this course let me know how to avoid and deal with complications from surgery. Thank you for inviting me to this wonderful conference. I will try to improve my surgical skill. Truthfully, I would strongly recommend this course for my colleagues.

Purpose of Training

This intensive course is designed to familiarize participants with latest surgical skills and technical refinements in the fields of rhinology and rhinoplasty surgery.

Course Features

This workshop comprises didactic presentations and live demonstrations given by our expert faculty, as well as interactive hands-on cadaveric dissection supervised by experienced trainers. Day 1 and 2 of the course will be on Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and day 3 on Rhinoplasty surgery.

Target Audience

This course is intended for practicing otolaryngologists and rhinologists who would like to broaden their scope of practice in the medical and surgical treatment of nasal disorders.


The application deadline is 18 October, 2018. Please submit your resume to upon completing the online application form. Enquiry:

Educational Scholarship

The APOST Educational Scholarship is now open for application.

After the training workshop, scholarship awardees are required to:
1. provide their feedback (100-150 words) on the workshop to APOST Secretariat within 14 days upon completion of the training event
2. edit a demo video on one of the procedures covered in the course

The course director will review all applications to decide if a full or partial scholarship is to be awarded to the applicants. As places are limited, priority will be given to candidates from underdeveloped countries. APOST reserves the final right to the interpretation of all terms and conditions applied.

To apply for the scholarship, please download the form below and return it to by 18 October, 2018.