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APOST Combined FESS and Endoscopic Ear Workshop, Hong Kong

24-25 MAR 2018

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Purpose of Training

This workshop provides a training platform for otolaryngologists​ to keep abreast of the recent surgical techniques in endoscopic treatment of rhinologic and otologic disorders. The first day of this course will highlight rhinologic topics, whereas the second day will focus on treatment of endoscopic surgery of Ear. Candidates will have hands-on cadaveric dissection supervised.

Course Features

Hands-on cadaveric dissections

Target Audience

The intensive course is designed for otolaryngologists interested in the most recent advances in endoscopic sinus and ear surgery.


The application deadline is 14 February, 2018 (Wednesday). Please send your resume to upon completion of the application form. Should you have any enquiries, feel free to contact APOST Secretariat at 


Dr. Wai Hnin Lae (Myanmar)

I am satisfied with this Combined FESS and endoscopic Ear course. I have pleased with the clear and definite lecture programme and cadaver training. Thank you APOST for bringing me to this workshop. I have got a lot of knowledge and experience to be applied on my patients. I have enjoyed everything and had a lot of fun there. I  truly appreciated all the things you have done for us. Hope to see all of you again.This is a really great time for me. It remains in my memory forever.

Dr. Darshini Nagarajah (Malaysia)

First and foremost , thank you very much . During the 2 days course, I was glad to learn many valuable things including visiting the beautiful country and culture . Attending this course was a valuable experience for me. This is because I was able to learn about the surgical skills from all the experts in Asian continent . I was never left unattended and was able to meet the experienced ENT surgeons . It indirectly built me an inspiration and encouragement towards finishing my masters and achieving more in future . I believe that what I have learned here would help me to become a better ENT surgeon. So, I would like to thank the organizing committee again for giving me the opportunity to join this course. Im also looking forward to join all the other upcoming APOST courses near future .

Dr. Zabrina Samarakkody (Malaysia)

“Too good to be true” was my first thought when I was first approached by my mentor to apply for the APOST Combined FESS and Endoscopic Ear workshop held on 24-25 March in Hong Kong. Nothing comes free in life, but I was wrong. The APOST program had just proven me wrong. They have given me a marvelous opportunity to learn and to practice my skills in surgery. As a lowly trainee, we are required to be able to have the necessary surgical know how in order to be able to practice as a otorhinolaryngologist and coming from where I come from this workshop is a wonderful opportunity. With proper guidance, I am safely able to learn new surgical skills, inherit certain tips and apply the newly acquired knowledge in a hands on manner. The cadaver is dissection and the equipment provided is second to none. The facilitators and moderators are very generous in sharing their knowledge and surgical know hows. I am able to fully comprehend and able to explore anatomy of the nose and ears in a safe manner, without any repercussions to the patient. I have also learnt, what not to do and what to avoid as to not harm my patients in future. My surgical skills have also been honed and I have learnt many other variations and surgical styles for the same procedure and the same end result. I have also made a few new and lifelong friends at this workshop and I hope to be able to meet them all again. I am very grateful to the APOST committee, Prof Micheal, Prof Carney, Prof Prepageran, and the rest of the members for this opportunity and this chance to further improve my knowledge and surgical skills. I would also like to congratulate the APOST Secretariat on a job well done. And to the sponsors, who made this all possible, a very big thank you and God bless.