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APOST-SARC 1st Sleep Workshop, Singapore

25-26 APR 2019

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Dr. Bui The Hung (Vietnam)
Firstly, it is amazingly lucky for me to have a chance to obtain a generous scholarship from APOST to participate in an international surgical training course. The course provided a tremendous amount of illuminating insights into the most novel and comprehensive management and treatment of sleep apnea. We have learnt many new surgical procedures including the nasal valve reconstruction, the maxillomandibular advancement, and the hypoglossal nerve stimulation as well as many other procedures of the palate, the tongue base and the epiglottis. I highly recommend this hand-on workshop with renowned professors, prominent surgeon instructors, dedicated local staffs and state-of-the-art procedural skill lab in such a professional academic environment of Singapore. Special thanks to Dr. Yu-Feng Chen and Dr. Chong Yawkhian who have helped me a lot in the surgical algorithm as well as showed us how to perform the right techniques in cadaver dissection. Moreover, I have a chance to meet many multi-cultural colleagues, having a great time and sharing with them many interesting and rewarding experience. I will apply what I have learnt to make great contributions to fight against this disease in my country. I am very grateful to APOST for the outstanding support for young and enthusiastic ENT surgeons. I would love to have an opportunity to join another course of APOST in the near future.

Dr. Htwe Yin Yin (Myanmar)
I would like to thank APOST ENT society, particular expert facuty and demonstrators Dr Chong Khai Beng, A/Prof Tae Hoon Lee and Dr Grace Kweijing Chen during hands-on dissection on frozen cadaver. I am also pleased to inform you that I have been awarded the APOST Educational Scholarship for the 10th SARC 2019 & APOST - SARC Sleep Workshop on 25th -27th, 2019 in Singapore. I had a lot of learning from power point presentation by expert faculty. In which most of them are very informative for me. And, hands on workshop, step by step technique of operation is very comprehensive session. So, I hope to get more confidence in ORL HNS field in our country. In conclusion, as the beginning is the hardest one and that I have passed it, I will make sure to use knowledge and skill gained from this Sleep workshop.

Dr. Nabin Lageju (Nepal)
I got opportunity to attend 10th SARC conference and 1st SARC sleep workshop, which was held in Singapore in 25- 27th April, 2019 provided by APOST. I am grateful for this opportunity as I got chance to learn about recent developments in sleep surgery, different surgical procedures. I met faculties of sleep surgery from different parts of the world. I got acquainted with participants from 41 different countries. This course helped me improve my knowledge and surgical skills regarding sleep surgeries. The arrangement of the conference was really good. Cadaveric dissection at skill center in Singapore general hospital was really outstanding.

Dr. Kugan Raman (Malaysia)
I was given the opportunity to join Singapore Allergy and Rhinology Conference (SARC) 2019 and participated as dissector in Sleep Workshop which was conducted in conjunction with SARC workshop. This scholarship covered my travel and accommodation expenses as well as course fee for the workshop. Apart from general ENT work, I do manage patients with sleep related breathing disorders, thus this sleep soft tissue dissection course complimented well my interest into sleep related surgeries. The dissection course was done over 2 days, where the participants were given live demonstration on various surgical techniques that we can employ to treat our patients with obstructed sleep apnea. Some of the mentors are world renowned surgeons and learning surgical skills directly from them with one to one guidance is a remarkable experience. Thank you APOST for making it happen!

Course Programme
Purpose of Training

This sleep workshop is an inaugural one for both APOST and SARC. It aims to give partciipants a well-balanced, up-to-date and comprehensive view of the management, treatment and surgical care of sleep apnea.

Course Features

This workshop brings together an international group of renowned surgeon-instructors to provide expert perspectives on surgical algorithm, sleep medicine, sedation endoscopy, pediatric sleep apnea, upper airway stimulation, robotic surgery, minimally-invasive procedures, and skeletal surgery. 

Target Audience

All practising surgeons interested in gaining deeper and further insights into sleep apnea surgery are welcome.


The application deadline is 17 March, 2019. Please submit your resume to upon completion of the online application form. Enquiry:

Educational Scholarship

The APOST Educational Scholarship will be awarded to selected delegates with full attendance in the course.

After the training workshop, all scholarship awardees are required to provide their feedback (100-150 words) on the workshop to APOST Secretariat within the specified period.

Should a delegate fail to complete the course with full attendance or comply with the obligations above, APOST reserves to recover the course fee and accommodation expenses so settled in full.