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APOST-SARC 7th FESS Workshop, Singapore

12-13 Nov 2022

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Dr. Ren Hui Lo (Malaysia)

First of all, I would like to thank APOST for allowing me to attend this APOST-SARC 7th FESS workshop held in Singapore. I am a junior surgeon from my country. Ever since the COVID pandemic, the whole world has literally stopped, this includes surgical training, especially for a junior surgeon like me. As I am currently being posted in a district hospital, being able to operate independently and confidently is crucial. During this rhinology workshop, I feel so fortunate as I am given the chance to learn from the best surgeon in the world. The demonstration of surgeries was very clear. Cadaver provided was good too. I had more than enough time for my dissection. Lastly, thank you too for the comfortable accommodation that was provided. I would definitely recommend APOST courses if anyone asks me. Thank you APOST.


Dr. Khambir Shrestha (Nepal)

First of all, I would like to thank APOST for providing me with such an opportunity to attend hands-on FESS training at Singapore held from 12th to 14th Nov 2022. It was such a concise programme focused on providing hands on training to the learning surgeons. The dissection hall was equipped with state of art instruments  with such a quality demonstration by all the faculty. I was able to understand all the surgical procedures through the basic anatomy of nose and skull base. Not to mention Singapore visit should be in everyones bucket list. Lastly ,I hope APOST will continue to provide such training in future for the betterment of the surgeons to come.


Dr. Fatima Gansatao (Philippines)

After being limited by the pandemic to online webinars, it was refreshing to witness the return of live lectures, demonstrations and hands on workshop. Meeting people with same interests, especially those who went further in understanding the field of Sleep, Allergy, Rhinology and Skull base surgery boosted the enthusiasm for all the events, namely lectures, panel discussions, research presentations and most importantly, cadaver dissection.
My favorite part of the lecture sessions was the panel discussion of Rhinology, where the panelists expressed their priorities and considerations for every case discussed. It made me list down aspects of the case that I should always look into when managing a similar patient. 
During the dissection, I realized that listening and performing what I heard are very much different. But doing the dissection reinforced the steps and system taught during the lectures. Going back home after learning from the experts, I did endoscopic sinus surgeries and I believe all the knowledge I gained made the recent surgeries more systematic and efficient. Mastering the imaging, knowing what to look for and where to look, which instruments to use during each part of the surgery led to shorter surgical time, less complications and completely achieving the treatment goals.
For all of these, heartfelt thanks to APOST for giving me an opportunity to listen to all the informative and amazing lectures, and be one of the lucky dissectors guided by well renowned rhinologists. It is a memorable experience that I will be always thankful for.


Dr. Aynesha LETCHMIKANTHAN (Malaysia)

The recent APOST-SARC 7th FESS workshop was an incredible experience. The one-to-two ratio of instructor to dissectors provided very systematic and effective training during the course of the dissection. It has changed the way I approach sinus surgeries. The step by step mentoring by Dr. Chao Siew Shuen was really exceptional. I now better understand the surgical anatomy of the sinuses, my technique is improved and most importantly my complication rate is reduced. The procedures covered during the course were good but the demonstrations were a tad bit redundant, in that, the same procedures were demonstrated by 2 different instructors. 

All in all it was a highly educational course that I would recommend to all junior and budding surgeons. May more of these courses be organised to improve surgical skills amongst the fraternity.


Dr. Dwi Juliana Dewi (Indonesia)

APOST arrange an excellent conference in the field of Rhinology, Allergy, and Sleep Medicine. I got information on the novelty of therapy, surgical techniques, to future medical issues in the fields of rhinology, allergy, and sleep medicine presented by the best experts from all over the world. The topics presented at the conference greatly opened my scientific insight, also networking experience.
The FEES workshop run very nicely. Workshop modules are run systematically, ranging from instrument handling techniques, and basic FEES to advanced cases such as skull base surgical techniques. The systematics teaching modules make it very easy for participants to pursue the target in each teaching session. I had the opportunity to learn directly from professors, and consultant doctors in the field of rhinology and share tips for the best technique that can make it easier for me to understand case by case. This workshop gained my experience, skills, and knowledge to become a rhinologist. This course affects my ability to future relevant surgery-related rhinology cases. Thank you APOST, for entrusting this opportunity to me. 


Dr. Phan Minh (Vietnam)

I would like to express my deep gratefulness to APOST for giving me the opportunity to get more hands-on skill via SARC 7th FESS Workshop. It has been the  really fantastic program that I have ever participated. I learned a lot from this workshop. Just through human cadaver dissection which is the core teaching tool in anatomy, surgeons could go far beyond sinus that could not be regularly performed on real patients.
I highly recommend this course to any ENT surgeons who strongly would like to continue to learn and improve their rhinology and skull base surgical skills.


Dr. Elisabeth Sirait (Indonesia)

Thank you very much for the opportunity that given to me so I can take part in this training. 
I am very grateful because this training increased my skills and familiarity with the FESS procedure. I can also add knowledge and boost my confidence in performing FESS. I had also good support from tutor to perform the procedural step. Many thank you to Prof Jin Kent Siow and Dr Eugenia Vining for being my tutor. 
All instructors also gave clear instruction and guidance to us.
The training was well organised and the quality of dissection specimen was good.
This course overall really met my expectation.


Dr. Fivien Fedriani (Indonesia)

First of all, I would like to thank Apost for the opportunity given to be able to take part in the FESS Workshop 7 which was held in Singapore.
During the pandemic, the webinar that was routinely held by Apost was very helpful in increasing knowledge as well as refreshing and updating knowledge for the latest treatment of patients.
When the offer for a workshop came via email, of course I was very pleased for the opportunity to be able to learn directly from the experts and I was very enthusiastic about participating.
During the advance fess workshop that I attended last month, the participants didn't have to worry about transportation to the venue hospital as the committee provided a transfer bus to and from the hospital. The workshop began with demonstrations which were explained step by step by experts. Workshop participants were guided by 2 experienced and expert rhinologist instructors who guided patiently to carry out step by step like the demo previously explained. Sophisticated tools, monitors and endoscopes were also provided by the organizers. 
We studied “full house fess”, “Caroline window frontal recess” surgery, pre lacrimal approach, middle meatal antrostomy and medial maxillectomy.
The workshop broadened my horizons and made me more confident to perform rhinology and better understand the boundaries and possible complications of the actions I performed.
Once again, thank you very much for the opportunity that Apost has given and can't wait to join the next Apost workshop.




Course Programme
Target Audience

This workshop is suitable for ENT specialists pursuing higher surgical rhinologic training in advanced FESS procedures.

Course Features

The course will consist of demonstrations performed by expert faculty and hands-on dissection on frozen cadavers. 


The application deadline is 25 September, 2022. Please submit your resume to upon completion of the online application form. Enquiry:

Educational Scholarship

The APOST Educational Scholarship will be awarded to the selected delegates, which covers the full course fee of the two-day workshop and up to 3 nights of hotel accommodation that will be arranged by APOST.
On accepting the scholarship, delegates are required to:
- complete the two-day workshop with full attendance

- submit a testimonial of 150-200 words to APOST Secretariat within the given time frame

- edit a demo video which will be assigned AFTER the course (if any)
*APOST reserves the final right to the interpretation of all terms and conditions applied