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APOST Endoscopic Ear Surgery Dissection Course, Hong Kong

13-14 DEC 2019

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Dr. Nancy Liwikasari (Indonesia)
Thank you in advance for the opportunity given to me to write a short testimonial. Initially I still didn’t believe I was chosen as one of the scholarship recipients. In the end I felt very grateful to be able to take part in a training course. Honestly all parts of this training were very well organized. Mostly all the lectures, demonstrations and dissections especially good. This training really gave me the opportunity to explore details and deeper about anatomy ear organ along with surgical techniques correctly, effectively and efficiently. After I attended this training, I felt confidence and my courage level for doing Endoscopy Ear Surgery has improved a lot. In addition, I found that I had to learn more and more and always doing updates too about the lastest knowledge of technology that can support the surgical procedure which in my country I had never encountered. I was really very impressed. Thank you APOST Group.

Dr. Ong Hui Yan (Malaysia)
Thank you very much for the opportunity to be able to join this endoscopic ear surgery dissection course. I have had a great experience in Hong Kong. To begin with, the process of application was very welcoming and positive. I was thrilled when i was given the scholarship and the following follow-ups and arrangement prior to the event were very complete and i felt well taken care of despite the ongoing protests. We were even accompanied by Ms Bonnie to the hospital. The dissection workshop was very well organized. Unlike the previous dissection course that i have attended prior, we were given lectures and talks in between. Speakers were experts in the fields and the information conveyed were an eye-opening for trainees like me. I was truly inspired. During the dissection session, faculty members were very approachable and friendly, such as Dr Amy, Dr Jacky and Dr Slyvia. I was able to identify and appreciate the middle ear structures so much better. The sharing of endoscopic tympanoplasty was also useful for trainees like me, because we do perform endoscopic tympanoplasty in our setting and the tips provided are useful for me. The minimally invasive surgery lab was well equipped and every station had all the needed instruments. I was impressed with the centre and am really grateful to be given the opportunity to attend the course. A big thank you to APOST team and i truly hope that i would have the chance to join again the future. I would definitely recommend it to my peers. Thank you very much and may we meet again.

Dr. Lo Ren Hui (Malaysia)
First of all, i would like to thank the organizing committee for the opportunity to participate in this dissection course. This is indeed an eye opener for ORL trainee like me. The arrangement for the whole event has been impeccable. (From accommodation, course venue, food, the whole dissection course) For the Endoscopic Ear Surgery Dissection Workshop, all demonstration were clear. (Participants were able to observe the demonstration either directly or through ultra clear 4K monitor without any problem.) The cadavers provided were in good condition. Facilitators were always ready to guide me through the whole course with valuable dissection tips. Thank you again for this wonderful experience.

Dr. Fatia Permata Sari (Indonesia)
Through this training, I learned all about endoscopic ear surgery, from anatomy, physiology, instrument, to various cases that could be done with EES. I also learned how to do basic endoscopic ear surgery with proper technique, which is needed because there are lot of Indonesian patient who get ear problem that could be treat with EES. Entire course and workshop was very well organized, with great hospitality, laboratory and also delicious food. By meeting other participants, I also learned about how others done EES in their country. It expanded my horizon on endoscopic ear surgery in various places. I also got a group of new ENT friends. After returning, I feel more confident to perform basic endoscopic ear surgery and I hope I can also shared my knowledge to my fellow  ENT surgeon. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and wonderful experience. Thank you so much to all commitee and I hope I can join another APOST course and workshop in the future.

Dr. Denis Anugrah Oktrivianto (Indonesia)
As an ENT resident, this experience greatly increase my knowledge and skills. I am grateful for the opportunity given to me so that I can learn from the best ENT experts in the world, it's like a dream come true. I hope this experience can be felt by many people. I am very grateful to the host who organized this event, Prof. Michael Tong, Prof. Kania, Prof. Mohamed Badr El Dine, Mrs. Wai Tsz Chang and all the tutors for their kindness, for Bonnie for her kindness and hospitality, and also all staff who helped organize this event. Love you all.

Dr. Nurbaiti Masroni (Indonesia)
I'm very gratefull to be selected as participant on EES program. first thankfull for the committee and congrats to Prof.Tong and Dr. Chang as course director. Both of u were great for the amazing training, these course are wonderful. and thank you to miss bonnie for your hospitality, you are very helpful, patient n so kindly. second the faculty and tutors were great, their presentation, lecture and tutor in dissection are means a lot especially Prof. mohammed,  his explanation very clear and also the others. the specimen were good enough still fresh so we can learn detailed. For all,  these training becomes very enjoyable with other participants and the lecturer and tutor full of valuable lessons and new experiences. I hope this training can continue, and may Allah bless of you all. Thanks once again APOST.

Dr. Khairunnisak Misron (Malaysia)
Being selected to attend APOST is one of my biggest dreams ever since I entered the ORL fraternity. As one of the top conferences ever held in this field, I feel so honoured to be selected as one of the scholarship recipients for the APOST Endoscopic Ear Surgery Dissection Course, Hong Kong in December 2019. First and foremost, I would like to extend my gratitude to the Board of APOST for this great opportunity. I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience during this two-day course for my future endeavour in becoming an Otologist. Endoscopic ear surgery is still considered an evolving branch in Otology in Malaysia, thus, the chance of meeting the local and international experts is once in a blue moon encounter for a trainee like me. Apart from that, I would also like to thank to the course directors, international and local faculties for sharing their expert skills and knowledge with me and other participants. Not to forget, Hong Kong is a very nice country with amusing hospitality and I felt welcomed throughout my stay there despite the ongoing protests. I hope that I will be able to join APOST courses again in future.

Dr. Witari Indrayani (Indonesia)
I would like to thank to APOST for giving me such a great experience to join the course especially in endoscopic ear surgery. Many thanks to the lecturer and great new friend. I really enjoy it much. Hope we will see you again soon in the next course.

Dr. Athar Andan Uppal (Pakistan)
First of all i want to thank you all especially APOST who had taken part in arranging this wonderful activity.If i would describe my experience of attending this activity in one sentence that would be "My dream came true". My beloved country Pakistan has great potential to grow but need educational activities like this for growth of expertise.I hope your support will continue for me for future academic activities. No doubt it was my dream and great wish to attend this activity that became possible by the blessings of Almighty Allah(GOD),prayers of my loved ones especially my parents and my everloving wife. APOST and the supporting staff  especially Bonnie played very active role in making my dream true.So special thanks to all concerned personale. Basically i am endoscopic sinus surgeon but microscopic ear surgeon and want to get skill of  endoscopic ear surgery too.This Hands on workshop has made a great impact in understanding the basic surgical anatomy  of middle ear cleft which would add on my skill and expertise in Hybrid  Microscopic/Endoscopoic ear surgery and would be beneficial for our  future patients. I have strongly recommeded this activity  to my colleagues who have interest in endoscopic surgery.I want to suggest to make arrangment for our dissection  video recording during hands on session.

Dr. San Htin Lin (Myanmar)
Firstly, I would like to  thank  the APOST  organization committee  for giving me the opportunity to take part in this endoscopic ear surgery course. The entire workshop was very well-organized. Speakers were experts in their fields and facilitators were very helpful.As for me, all the lectures as well as the dissection sessions  were very applicable. I felt very grateful for the arrangements of accommodation and food. Thank to this course, I have got the chance to visit to the wonderful places of Hong Kong. Above all, the experiences from this training course are  invaluable to me.

Dr. Gerard Lapina (Philippines)
First of all, I would like to thank and commend all the organizing staff for a well structured and efficiently carried out endoscopic ear surgery (EES) training course.  Everything from the accomodation, travel, lectures, and dissection sessions are well planned and carried out seamlessly. This is a great opportunity for ear surgery enthusiasts to be acquainted with the basic concepts and needed skillset in order to start EES in your practice.  The lectures are well organized in such a manner which is easy to understand and clinically relevant.  All the faculty have done a great job in conveying the concepts through the lectures which are very demonstrative and will really inspire you as well.  Throughout the dissection there were a lot of faculty which are very much willing to share their expertise and teach (this made the dissection enjoyable and a great learning experience).  The staff during the dissection were also very helpful and the equipment used were up-to-date which made the dissection efficient and productive as well.  These dissection exercises are again clinically relevant and I’m looking forward to apply this in my practice as well. Again, thank you very much to the wonderful organizing team. Overall, I’d give this course a rating of 10/10 and would highly recommend it to those who are interested in EES!

Dr. Lina Ling (Malaysia)
I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to attend the ESS course in Hong Kong under the APOST scholarship. Would like to thank the APOST committee.  Glad I have made the decision to attend  this course even in the unrest situation in Hong Kong. It was worth the risk. It was a wonderful experience, the organising committee has been a gem! The preparation was very well organised. We were very well taken care , from the lodging and the transport. We were provided with clear instructions about the arrival in airport,  lodging and the venue of the course, which was super helpful. I have enjoyed myself tremendously during the course. It was a combination of both lectures and cadeveric dissection. The cadeveric lab was very well-equipped. The immense knowledge that was shared really make all this worthwhile. We have learned from the experts of the field from both international and the local Hong Kong faculty, with lots of positive and dynamic interaction. It has definitely reinforced my understanding of EES surgery. Would love to thank their dedication of teaching and sharing. Would like to congratulate the APOST committee for having this noble course. There’s nothing more important then teaching and sharing for the future of modern medicine.

Preliminary Course Program
Purpose of Training

With recent advances in endoscopic treatment of disorders of the ear, it is imperative that otolaryngologists and otologists in particular are up to date on the latest surgical techniques and development. This training course therefore aims to provide an educational platform to ENT doctors from the Asia-Pacific region to gain knowledge, insights and hands-on practice in a step-by-step approach.

Course Features

1. Didactic lectures
2. Demonstrations
3. Cadaveric hands-on dissection

Target Audience

The intensive course is designed for otolaryngologist interested in the most recent advances in endoscopic ear surgery.


The application deadline is 10 Ocrtober, 2019. Please send your CV to upon completing the online application form. Should you have any enquiries, feel free to contact APOST Secretariat at

Educational Scholarship

APOST Educational Scholarship will be awarded to participants with full attendance and completion of the whole workshop.
The scholarship covers:
- Initial course fee of USD1,500
- three nights of accommodation arranged by APOST
- travellnig allowance of USD100 at maximum (for overseas participants)

On accepting the scholarship, delegates are required to:
- submit a testimonial of 150-200 words to APOST Secretariat within given time frame
- edit a demo video which will be assigned AFTER the course
*APOST reserves the final right to the interpretation of all terms and conditions applied