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APOST Combined FESS and EES Cadaver Workshop, Singapore

1-2 OCT 2018

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Dr Liao Pei-Hsun (Taiwan)

I participated in the 2018 combined FESS and EES workshop of APOST. The workshop covered from basic anatomy to advanced surgical skills with delicate demonstration of surgical procedures step by step, making us to have a better position to ride the ENDOSCOPIC SURGERY wave into the future. The contents of lectures were well prepared, the surgical instruments were new and abundant, the teachers were very willing to teach and share. Having the chance to do cadaver dissection was really invaluable, and we always could find someone to ask when we had any questions in mind during the dissection time. After the workshop, I feel more confident to do ESS, endoscopic tympanoplasty and endoscopic atticotomy, and I really appreciated the faculty’s effort. Besides, the arrangement of accommodation and shuttle bus was really considerate. If someone asks me the feeling about the course, I will say “If you can only choose ONE course to attend, I will definitely recommend the APOST workshop.”

Dr Tuang Geng Ju Eric (Malaysia)

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the organizers of APOST. The invaluable experience which I gained through the two-day workshop is simply beyond description. First and foremost, the heart-warming hospitality deserves applause. The accommodation and training venue were superb. The organizers did their very best to ensure we had a comfortable stay in the Lion city. Secondly, the programme was very well structured.  On top of being informative, the lectures were truly inspirational. The concept of employing endoscopic techniques in treating a heterogenous spectrum of ear diseases was indeed an eye opener. Finally, a big thumbs up to all the facilitators for their altruistic guidance. The interaction during the dissection session were fruitful, from which I had the opportunity to clarify doubts openly without any prejudice. This is a fantastic training workshop that you do not want to miss out.

Dr Winton Chong (Malaysia)

First of all, i would like to thank APOST for organising a simply excellent workshop. I'm glad i was given the chance to participate in this course. Throughout the 2-day course held at Changi General Hospital, Singapore, informative lecture was presented by experienced otorhinolaryngologists. It's definitely an eye opening course to myself to appreciate the surgical related video was shared by faculty members. All course instructors were very friendly and patient supervising candidates during the one-to-one hands on session and question was readily answered professionally. I would like to give more credit to endoscopic ear surgery workshop as it was really impressive. For me, i feel that ear surgery has been becoming more fun and interactive with the use of endoscopy. It has changed my perception towards ear surgery comparatively with microscopic one. I've learned more knowledge and basic surgical skill in FESS and EES surgery. Its definitely has boost up my confidence and will cooperate what i've learned from the course into my daily practice. APOST has built a good reliable platform and provided good opportunity to trainees around the world to share and work together to provide up-to-date otorhinolaryngology services. For sure, i'll recommend APOST course to my colleagues. Thank you and well done.

Dr Richmond Lim (Singapore)

I attended the FESS and EES Cadaver workshop held in Changi General Hospital Singapore over 2 days in October. I was able to learn many useful and relevant skills during the course, especially that of endoscopic ear surgery. The course was well organised and the curriculum was comprehensive. The dissection and lectures were well paced and not a moment was wasted over the 2 day course. The knowledge I gained will go a long way in helping me become more confident as a surgeon. I appreciated the chance to meet the highly experienced international faculty as well as mingle with trainees from all over Asia. Many thanks to the organising committee who did a fantastic job. Looking forward to attending more courses in the future!

Dr Kay Kay Tin Win (Myanmar)

First of all, I really appreciate the APOST team for giving me the opportunity to join this combined FESS and EES Course. It was a great pleasure for me to attend such a valuable course and I had a quality time. The workshop provided me with many beneficial things and lectures were very good covering comprehensive overview of surgical anatomy of both ear and sinuses. Demonstration of dissection was also clearly shown with step by step approach. During hands on dissection, tutors of each table guided and supervised patiently to us. Things that I have not clearly pictured in my mind previously became clearer after this two days intensive course. I gained a lot of knowledge and skills which I could apply in my daily patient’s care. The training was very inspirational, energizing while bringing a great amount of knowledge and practically oriented. As the course being very valuable, I personally would recommend younger otorhinolaryngologists to attend upcoming APOST courses and I would also love to join further APOST course in the future again.

Khin Zar Ni Mon (myanmar)

I attended APOST combined FESS and ESS cadaver workshop which held on 1st-2nd October, 2018 in Singapore. I acquired many surgical knowledges and skills in this course. I believe that I become improve in surgical skill after attending APOST training course. I recommend my ENT colleagues to attend APOST course if they'll get a chance to attend. I'm very glad to attend APOST course.I hope to attend further APOST training courses.I also suggest to other colleagues to apply APOST training courses.

Dr Syazwani Salehuddin (Malaysia)

I would like to thank APOST for being so generous and awarding me with the Educational Scholarship to attend the APOST Combined FESS and EES Cadaver Workshop held on the 1st – 2nd October 2018 in Singapore. No words could possibly express how grateful I was to be able to learn first hand from the world renowned Otorhinolaryngologists in an advanced surgical lab of Changi Hospital. It really boosts up my confidence during FESS and ESS surgery, as I have gained deeper understanding of the core anatomy and practical knowledge of the surgeries; thanks to the excellent lectures and hand-on teaching during the course. Special thanks to Prof Simon Carney and Prof Michael Tong for your endless guidance during the cadaveric dissection. I am so blessed and honored to be part of this intensive surgical training.

Dr Yin Yin (Myanmar)

I am grateful APOST team for giving me chance for attending APOST Combined FESS and EES Cadaver Workshop on1st _ 2nd October 2018, in Singpore. I got a lot of surgical knowledge and skills from APOST course which encourage me to do endoscopic ear surgery and FESS.Lecture is very valuable e.g greater palatine block to reduce the bleeding in FESS.Surgeon who start to do endoscopic operation must know advantages and disadvantages of endoscopic ear surgery. It is also very important to choose proper equipment to do endoscopic operation. In addition, demonstration and participation in cadaver is the best for me because I got confidence to do better operation. Openly, APOST course is benificial to me. I still currently use the knowledge and skills learned from APOST course. So I recommend my colleagues to attend APOST Course.

Dr Rico Doloksaribu (indonesia)

Thank you APOST for giving me the opportunity to take part in this training. This training is very useful in improving Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Endoscopic Ear Surgery. Teachers are highly skilled in their fields and remain very humble and patient in teaching. We are provided with very good and complete tools and fresh cadavers, not only given knowledge, we are also given lodging and food that is very tasty, even travel expenses paid by APOST. We can meet and share experiences with friends from other countries. And the beauty of Singapore is perfecting this training. Hopefully APOST and everything involved continues to be successful. Even my dream one day I could become part of APOST to share knowledge and kindness throughout the world.

Dr Adithya Prawiranata (Indonesia)

I am very grateful to the APOST for giving us the opportunity to take part in this workshop. This workshop is really very useful for us and can be applied at our institution to improve functional endoscopic sinus surgery and endoscopic ear surgery skills. Not only that, we were also given truly extraordinary facilities by APOST. I am very proud to be able to take part in this training. When given the opportunity by APOST, I would like to take this training again. Once again, I say a big thank you to APOST, success is always for APOST.

Dr Aryo Wibowo (Indonesia)

First of all I would like to congratulate to APOST for making a very great course that would be useful on our daily practice as an ent surgeon, this course provides very great lectures and of course they told us many about how to do the surgery with the best result as they do with they experience before. Besides we can learn more about the newest techniques from the experts. It's all about practice, practice and practice practice they give us an opportunity to practice the theory that we learn from the lecturer. And of course I would like to join another course in the future. Thank you APOST. Great job. Thank you.

Dr Muhammad Nu'aim Ishak (Malaysia)

I'm very grateful to be awarded with a scholarship by Asia Pacific Otorhinolaryngologic Surgical Training Group (APOST) to attend a Combined FESS and EES Cadaver Workshop. It was a 2-day course on the 1st – 2nd October 2018 in Singapore. The course consisted of lectures and practical cadaveric dissection that was held in an advanced surgical lab of Changi Hospital. We had the chance to learn first-hand from renowned otorhinolaryngologists on contemporary surgical principles and techniques using good quality cadaver. I would like to thank all the APOST committee and trainers for the opportunity given that I have gained great experience and knowledge on anatomy and principle of surgical techniques. It helps me a lot in my clinical practice here in my university. It was a blessing to be in the training and looking forward to participate in future courses.

Purpose of Training

This cadaver workshop aims to present trainees with a comprehensive overview of the surgical anatomy and state-of-the-art techniques for sinus and ear surgery.

Course Features

The 2-day intensive course will consist of didactic lectures, live demonstrations and supervised hands-on dissection on fresh frozen cadavers. Procedures covered will be demonstrated by experienced surgeons to provide step-by-step instructions and guidance to the participants.

Target Audience

This course is primarily intended for budding otolaryngologists interested in the cutting-edge surgical techniques in performing endoscopic sinus and ear surgery.


The application deadline is 11 August, 2018. Please submit your resume to upon completing the online application form.

Course programme

The preliminary course programme can be downloaded below:
APOST Combined FESS and EES Cadaver Workshop Programme (Preliminary)

Educational Scholarship

The APOST Educational Scholarship is now open for application.

After the training workshop, scholarship awardees are required to:

1. provide their feedback (100-150 words) on the workshop to APOST Secretariat within 14 days upon completion of the training event

2. edit a demo video on one of the procedures covered in the course

The course directors will review all applications to decide if the scholarship (full or partial) is to be awarded to the applicants. As places are limited, priority will be given to candidates from less developed countries. APOST reserves the final right to the interpretation of all terms and conditions applied.
To apply for the scholarship, please download the form below and return it to by 11 August, 2018.